Therese Gunnarsson Strives for Gold in Minsk

One of the strongest female athletes in Sweden, a multiple Swedish muaythai champion and medallist of EMF events Therese Gunnarsson could have not make her career but join Zlatan Ibrahimovich in football, as it was her first sport she started to train.

Muaythai Generation Next

Muaythai has a strong appeal for people from all walks of life; it is practiced as competition sport, fitness, self-defence and as many successful athletes say gives you freedom from daily routine. 

EMF Countries Make Teams for World Championships

It was an amazing weekend for all muaythai followers with so many European countries having their qualification for the World Championships in Minsk. Belarus, Ukraine, Spain, France and many others have finished their national championships. EMF Facebook followers could see some of them live and enjoy bouts of the world class with multiple IFMA world and European champions.

Sport Is Your Gang Breaks Records in the Czech Republic


Muaythai in Czech is one of the most popular martial arts, the sport itself was recognized by the Czech NOC and muaythai is a part of many multisports events in Czech, cultural events and martial arts festivals.