Win a Trip to Thailand at the European Muaythai Championships 2018

The hype around the European Muaythai Championships is growing with every day getting participants and spectators closer to the opening ceremony. 

Leo joins the Olympic Run in Prague

The mascot of the European Muaythai Championships 2018 the Lion Leo was one of the contenders for medals at the Olympic Run in Prague.

Belgium Confirms the Team for Prague

The national team of Belgium confirms their teams sending a gender equal team of Kelly Danioko in 60 kg, Nathalie Visschers in 54 kg, Jawad Jamali 57 kg, Mohamed Eldouchaibi +91 kg.

Harley Davidson Invites Muaythai to Prague

The Czech Muaythai Association is a firm partner of the Harley Davidson Motors organising multiple events and bringing Muaythai to the wide audience.