German Muaythai enroute to the highest Recognition

After the amazing German Championships where so many distinguished guests were in attendance including the city mayor and HE the Thai Ambassador to Germany, the President of the German Muaythai Federation gained support from the Northrhine Westfalia Parliament in Düsseldorf, the Sports Political Speaker of SPD, Mr. Rainer Bischoff, and Mr. Rainer Thiel. 

EMF President Gives Igor Liubchenko Governmental Award

Igor Liubchenkoб multiple world and European champion in his 63.5 kg weight division was given one of the highest governmental awards, Order of Merit of III degree by the EMF President and Mayor of city Odessa Gennady Trukhanov.

Polish Champions Support Muaythai and UNESCO cooperation

World Muaythai Champion Rafal Simonides arrived at Thailand with his eyes set on fostering cooperation between UNESCO and Muaythai. 

Muaythai Meeting in Slovenia

The Slovenian Muaythai Federation organised an event and invited athletes from Croatia, Austria, Czech Republick, Russia, Hungary to celebrate IOC recognition of muaythai and compete as Olympic recognised athletes. The total of more than 100 athletes competed in two rings.