Kuzawinska wins Leciejewska in a Great Final

Gabriela Kuzawinska has been leading the team Poland in many battles with amazing performance at her home World Games 2017 in Wroclaw, showing skills in Mexico at the World Championships 2018, and winning medals at the Antalya Open 2018. 

Marcin Lepkowski Comes Back Victorious After 5 Years of Break

Marcin Lepkowski is one of the most successful athletes in Poland winning medals in the IFMA events and promoting the image of his country and his Gym Raczadam. 

Poland Makes National Selection for the World Championships

A beautiful event took place in the city of Kielce where contenders for medals challenged current champions. 

Armenia Holds National Qualifiers

The city of Ejmiatsine held the National Armenian Championships which broke couple of records and gave new names of athletes to represent their country at the IFMA events this year.