Simon Ogolla Hangs Up His Gloves

One of the notable team members in Sweden in +91 kg division Simon Ogolla finished his career transitioning to the coaching job within the Swedish national team. He will try a new experience of being at the other side of the ring during a competition in Bangkok.

Muaythai for Every Body: Ukraine

Ukrainian Muaythai Federation has truly established itself as the home to many world champion’s. The training methods of the coaching corps of the Ukrainian Muaythai Federation are closely watched to find out the secrets of success of so many Ukrainian athletes.

Bugra Tugay Erdogan Goes for the World’s Gold of 91+ kg 

The current European champion Bugra Tugay Erdogan joins the Turkish team to fulfil his collection of trophies with the world’s gold. 

Karolina Klusova Takes on Challenges for Bangkok

The Czech superstart of 57 kg Karolina Klusova is coming to Bangkok for the World Championships to compete for medals and taking challenge from Patricia Axling who Karolina won at the Kaunas Muaythai Open this year in Lithuania.