5 Muaythai Talents Who Transition to Seniors Division Next Year

Youth World Championships are exciting events for many reasons: they have an amazing atmosphere, with lots of smiles and happy faces, and friendly teams coming to have an amazing time together. From the sports side, Youth World Championships is a great chance to see the future stars which are eager to make competition to the accomplished champions of the Elite division. 

Today EMF gives you an overview of 5 athletes who will transition to the Elite divisions and compete against IFMA multiple champions. 

Swedish Nikole Strom (67kg) entered her first tournament in Bangkok and turned heads of many after her victory over a Thai competitor in the first round with a confident knock out, and even though Nikole lost to an Australian Tia Gail Nikpalj her feat made her one of the most spoken of athletes of the tournament.

Russian Abdula Isakov (60kg) who originates from Dagestan showed amazing skills confidently winning three rounds against Thai Pikanes Janthanam. It was the bout worth a final and the last bout of the event was a farewell fight for Abdula as he will host the World Championships in Russia in a senior division. 

Jade Jorand (51kg) from France made a career in the Youth Muaythai events taking part in two European and two World Championships with a total score of 5 wins and 3 losses. She had one of the hardest draws with Thailand, Turkey and Russia to face. Jade went through the Thai and Turkish athletes but it was Russian Aleksandra Lutaeva who Jade had to let to the highest step of the podium. Still, Jade’s achievements were awarded the award for Sportsmanship for her gracious interactions with her opponents.

Kubilay Tarhan (57 kg) is a Turkish prodigy who repeated his success in 2018 after he won the gold medal last year. Having 4 bouts within 5 days Kubilay is transitioning to the elite division having no losses in his international career. Kubilay is one of the athletes 

Ukrainian Vladislav Yeremenko is another athlete who had 4 fights in 5 days with opponents from the powerhouses of the European Muaythai: Turkey, Russia, Israel and Portugal. 71 kg is the division Ukraine has numerous excellent athletes and Vladislav will challenge the stars in his home country and compete for the right to make international tournaments in 2019.


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