5 Youngest Gold Medalists of the European Muaythai Championships 2018

Photo Credit: Lenka Bartakova


Grass root development is one of the main priorities in Muaythai with new generations of athletes stepping on the heels of the multiple champions. Today EMF looks back at the youngest athletes of the European Muaythai Championships which won a gold medal and claimed their spot at the highest step of the awarding podium.


Idlot Ismonov (RUS)  - 19 Years

Number one youngest European Champion 2018 is no other than a representative of the best team of the event – Russia Ildot Ismonov (60kg) who stepped in in the game for his rival on the national level and Muaythai wunderkind Aik Begyan and proved a point winning gold medal and becoming the youngest European Champion 2018 in the Elite division. For 2019 Ildot will have to clash with Aik for the right to represent his country at the World Championships.


Dzmitry Filipau (BLR)  / Anatoliy Sukhanov (UKR) - 21 years

Two representatives of the strongest European Muaythai schools won their gold medals in 71kg and 81 kg. Both athletes have a good fighting experience behind them in the youth and senior division and at their present young age are a very hard opponent for any athlete. 

The head coach of the Ukrainian national team Pavel Yevtushenko said that it was a breakthrough for Anatoliy after he won his bronze medal in 2016 World Championships in Sweden. Two years later he again stepped in the ring and proved that Ukraine is the forgery of Muaythai talents.

Dzmitry Filipau is one of the most promising athletes in his 71 kg division in Belarus who made national coaches pay attention at him at his home World Championships in Minsk in 2017 winning the gold medal in the Competitive class. Dzmitry is an athlete who is said to replace Andrey Kulebin one day. 


Bugra Erdogan (TUR) – 22 years

At his 22 years, Bugra Erdogan has a good fight record with three elite events, two bronze and now one gold medal. The European Championships 2018 became his triumphant event after World Championships in Mexico and EC in Paris where he enjoyed bronze medals but gained a valuable experience which let him become the best in Prague.

Bugra is a rising star of the Turkish and world Muaythai. He takes any challenge to gain experience for his future fights against the world strongest athletes. Next year he will again step in the ring against the undisputed champion in the heavyweight division Tsotne Rogava (UKR) to make a second try to change the balance of power in the 91+ division. 


Norbert Speth (HUN) – 23 years

Norbert Speth is one of the biggest openings of 2018 making the final of the World Championships 2018 in Mexico after leaving behind such names like Sergey Kulyaba. 

Norbert has truly shown that waking up famous is possible in sport and out of one of the Hungarian team members, he became one of the most followed athletes in the Elite Muaythai. 

Norbert arrived in Prague as one of the contenders for the gold medal and effectively moved in the bracket towards the final showing amazing technique and power. His final was against Russian Magomedrasul. Still the rematch against Dmitry Varatz should be postponed to 2019. 

At his 23 years, Norbert is at his prime and is full of determination to become the world’s best next year.



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