Patricia Axling wins Nina Scheucher again and Karolina Klusova postpones the first victory in the elite division for young Gabija Morkunaite.


Axling Wins Again, Klusova Upsets the Local Crowd

The rivalry of Patricia Axling and Nina Scheucher repeats itself this year with Patricia winning Nina and getting to the final of the Baltic Muaythai Open. These opponents deserve the loudest applause for the demonstration of model sportsmanship and respect to each other. It was a great semifinal, and Patricia is getting to the final round to represent Sweden at the Baltic Open.

The second semifinal saw one of the best athletes of the Czech Republic Karolina Klusova taking on the debutant of the Elite Muaythai, the local Gabija Morkunaite. It was Karolina’s experience of winning the silver medal at the EC in Prague and gold in Lithuania last year which allowed her to upset the local crowd. For Gabija it will be a first step in the senior Muaythai and a lot of experience in the Elite level.


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