Belarus is the leading force in the World Muaythai


Belarus team won the highest number of medals at the World Muaythai Championships 2017 becoming the best team of the event. 


It was a true demonstration of will power and unity of the nation when Belarus athletes competed in front of more than 2000 spectators at the Minsk Palace of Sport and millions of viewers on Belarus National TV and internet broadcast. Amazing support of the crowd gave additional strength and energy to Belarus athletes which resulted in tremendous success. This time they were truly excellent and proved it in the field of play with 8 gold medals.


Many new names were discovered in Minsk. Artem Avanesov became the Athlete of the Championships winning three very strong rivals from Thailand, Ukraine, and Israel. Also athletes from other continents were a true surprise for IFMA champions.

Even though Belarus gathered most of the highest awards of the event, medals also traveled all around the world, and European Muaythai can again boast amazing athletes from Portugal, Israel, Spain, France, Sweden, Turkey and many other countries who gave the crowd true show in Minsk. Moldova came strong to Minsk with Aurel Ignat who promises a lot of glorious moments for his country in future, and Germany’s Jakob Styben demonstrated a true warrior spirit in his bout with multiple World Champion Dzianis Hancharonak. 

These World Championships have been truly outstanding and more than 700 participants are now travelling home with amazing experience, and those winning medals can boast to be the winners of the first event for muaythai as an Olympic sport.



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