Belarus Selected the Team for Cancun and Prague

Last weekend Minsk held the Belarus National Championships and again the Best Team 2017 will represent Belarus in Mexico. 


The bout list for the finals was truly worth any top Muaythai event and even people far from the muaythai world would find so many familiar names announced on the final day of the event. 


Medals were contested among the youth 16-17, Women, and Men divisions and there was no bout where a participant would not have a medal in IFMA and EMF events. 


The undisputed champion of the Belarus Muaythai in women 45 kg division and the most decorated female athlete in Belarus and world Alena Liashkevich was competing against Svetlana Spetsyan and 2018 Belarus Championships records showed that there is still no rivalry to Alena in her weight division. Alena is going to Cancun as the winner of all possible tournaments and current World champion. 


In 60 kg division, another outstanding female athlete Maria Valent is already booking her flight to Mexico after a victory over Darya Belkova who won one round of three but Maria secured a confident result.


67 kg Men were marked by another current world champion Dmitry Varets proving his excellent shape against Andrey Chigileychik who makes his first steps in the Elite division after transitioning from the youth. Andrey was a bronze medalist in the World Championships 2016 is preparing to make rivalry to the famous names in Belarus.


Belarus Muaythai icon Andrey Kulebin made his comeback to the national team after a sensational loss in the final in 2017. This year all the viewers on EMF Facebook could see a true shape of the legend and now will follow his preparation for Mexico. Andrey was competing against Oleg Lihtarovich who has been one of the most talented Belarus youth athletes winning the gold medal at the Royal World Cup 2015. This year Oleg is a new generation of athletes to fill shoes of the Belarus champions.


World Games gold medalist Vital Hurkou became the best in his 75 kg division proving his excellence in a bout against Yevgeniy Lashevskiy. Vital will again have a chance to let spectators listen to the Belarus national anthem in Cancun.


Belarus Muaythai always gets tons of attention from the TV audience and another viewership record was broken with more than 35,000 people connecting to the European Muaythai Federation Social Media to watch an event live.



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