Camilla Danielsson and Svetlana Spetsyan was a special bout for many reasons. 


Camilla Danielsson wins the gold medal of the Baltic Cup

The final between Camilla Danielsson and Svetlana Spetsyan was a special bout for many reasons. 

Spetsyan was on fire after her rematch with Satu Mykkanen. After defeating her rival from EC 2017 the entire Belarus team was anticipating the gold medal. 

Camilla Danielsson was another athlete on Svetlana’s list to revenge. They met at the European Championships 2017 brackets with Camilla moving to the semifinal of the tournament. 

Svetlana was not destined to make a double rematch and enjoyed silver medal this time. For Camilla, it was a great tournament where she won two very strong athletes winning Leigh Newton in the semifinal. 



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