Die Mannschaft Is Ready for European Championships


The German Muaythai Federation (Muaythai Bund Deutschland) has been one of the first teams confirming their participation and registering 50 percent of the entire team in the youth division. 

Giving more attention to the youth German Muaythai made an impressive progress shining in the Youth World Championships 2017 in Bangkok. European Muaythai Championships will see 

Matas Miliunas will lead the team being the most experienced athlete with IFMA Youth World Championships and World Championships in Minsk behind him. Matas sticks to the rivalry in his 75 kg division and it will be truly spectacular one to follow.

Umarjon Davlatov will represent the refugee team and again will try to prove that no hurdles can stop a passionate athlete on his way to the top.

Three youth athletes will follow their Elite to learn from them and gain experience on the highest level and maybe already next year Europe will see new names in the German team entering the Elite division.



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