Dmitry And Mariya Valents – True Ambassadors of Sport In Belarus

Dmitry and Mariya Valents need no introduction in muaythai. Their achievements brought them and their country many accolades and trophies. 


A week ago Valents family used their image to go beyond sports venues and competitions. They were among the invited together with famous Belarus singers, actors and philantropists for  the annual event supporting families with preterm babies. Both Dmitry and Maria took part in the charity lottery, presented their trophies, gave presents to kids and were there to support the initiative which proved to be very successful in Belarus.


Dmitry says that they are always ready to be part of social events, and use their image as muaythai champions, and muaythai family to give more confidence to anyone who needs advice.


It’s an amazing event which can gather women with similar questions where they can network and see that there are always people who care. 


Valent Family again proved that they are a true model for any athlete, as the only way muaythai looks down on someone is when they help them up. It’s a principle of the sport, and principle of life.


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