Dublin Tastes Muaythai at Iveagh Garderns

Ireland gave the world a number of outstanding martial artists, and Irish muaythai should boast being one of the keys to success for most of them. 

This weekend Irish Muaythai Federation revealed the secret behind success of combat sport champions making demonstration of the art of muaythai, its cultural elements, and way of staying fit at Iveagh Garderns Park one of the Dublin hidden parks surrounded by buildings but right in the city center.

Craig O’Flynn who is one of the founders of Irish muaythai invited everyone to try muaythai, to kick, punch, and just have fun discovering all the potential of muaythai as culture and physical exercise suitable for all.

IFMA Media Director Niamh Griffin is a bright example of how muaythai can let you chase your dream. Born in Ireland, Niamh travelled the world, was an amazing athlete, and today takes an important position in IFMA which lets her enjoy muaythai after her athletic career.




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