After a very successful Arts Contest EMF announces the second edition for the youngest Muaythai practitioners where they can showcase their talent when it comes to arts and crafts.


This year the contest goes beyond the painting pieces of arts and is open for any form of creative expressions.

If your athletes love to draw, making shapes with play dough, crafting? Do you love to play Muaythai this contest is for you! The European Muaythai Federation (EMF) is bringing together the Artist and the Athlete. Children are encouraged to participate in the Sport Is Your Gang Arts and Unity Through Diversity. 


How to participate:


1. Let your youngest athletes express themselves through painting, making sculptures with play dough or any other way your young Muaythai athletes are talented in.


2. Make a picture of your art piece and send to gleb@ifmamuaythai.org. Please write the name, age, and country of the participant. 

3. The winners of the contest will be announced in Turkey on 15 November and will get memorable prizes established by the European Muaythai Federation. 


EMF encourages its youngest athletes for a thoughtful interpretation of Muaythai in the look of a drawing, handicraft, sculpture or any other creative way children can think of to get them closer to the values of Muaythai – respect, honour, tradition, excellence, fair play, and encourage them to show positive example how engagement into physical activity makes kids healthy, lets them find new friends and travel around the world to compete and European and world championships. 


Tips for winning the contest:


Get inspired by studying the illustrations and drawings created by kids of your age then, get out your paints, markers or pencils, play dough and get ready to become the next Pablo Picasso or Michelangelo in the sport. Keep your mind wide open!


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