EMF Countries Make Teams for World Championships

It was an amazing weekend for all muaythai followers with so many European countries having their qualification for the World Championships in Minsk. Belarus, Ukraine, Spain, France and many others have finished their national championships. EMF Facebook followers could see some of them live and enjoy bouts of the world class with multiple IFMA world and European champions.

More than 500,000 people were reached by the Live broadcast at the EMF Facebook page and it can only speak how popular muaythai is in Europe and how closely people around the world follow muaythai athletes.

It was a full house for the Belarus final bouts. The bout list was worth the best muaythai shows with every second athlete having world or European champion’s titles, and the hype athletes got from the spectators made both athletes in the ring show their best skills to make sure it was them who will proudly walk at the opening ceremony of the World Championships.

Ukraine was another country holding its finals on the same day. Minsk just took over the air from Bila Tserkva which hosted Ukrainian qualifier. It was truly a weekend keeping so many people close to their screens following the exciting bouts. 

EMF thanks to all its followers for tuning in for its social media and for the upcoming national and international events new broadcasts will be scheduled to keep you updated on the latest muaythai news in Europe.



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