Europe Celebrates Muaythai day from Moscow to Lisbon

6 of February is the international Muaythai day which is a special date for each Muaythai practitioner when she can again honour coaches, gym partners and all who is involved in preparation for all the victories throughout the year.

Youth is the main focus for each Muaythai federation and it was a true festival of sport organised in gyms to show that the sport is a great tool for building strong connection among people. 

The hosts of the upcoming European Championships Czech Muaythai Association (CMTA) joined the celebrating organising an open training for all kids at Spejbl Gym with more than a hundred boys and girls trying on the gloves, head, elbow, and shin guards for the first time in their athletic life. The certified coaches of CMTA had lots of fun showing the youth basic Muaythai techniques, and for kids, it was a great time to find new friends and for some new passion. 

It was an amazing event which stretched to several days of different activities in each country, and again great memories for the youth who could see how it feels to be an Athlete.



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