European Championships 2018 – overview of the winning teams

European Muaythai Championships 2018 in Prague was the biggest event in the EMF history.

Russia predictably won the Best Team Award winning the highest number of medals demonstrating the dominance in Muaythai in Europe. 


If Russian triumph was predictable it was a true step up for the team France getting to the 2nd team place. The remarkable achievement is 80% of won bouts with 21 victories and 7 losses. The previous European Championships in Paris inspired athletes to perform with the French team gaining a lot of spectators which arrived in Prague to support their team.

Ukraine won the “bronze” team award with 10 bronze medals which is more than their gold and silver taken together. Many of the Ukrainian athletes missed a little in their semifinals to bring their team to the higher position in the team ranking. 

Portugal is another team seeing its rapid progress with outstanding athletes like Maria Lobo, Miguel Temporario, Joana Alves pushing the bar ever higher. Portuguese Muaythai became one of the powerhouses in Europe and 2019 will see so many young talents transitioning to the senior divisions. 


Hungary must be one of the booming countries in Muaythai in recent years. Hungarian athletes got to the top 5 of the best teams of the European Championships 2018 and the future events promise to have them on top with so many prospects hungry for victories. The strong leadership of the Hungarian Muaythai promises to develop the sport to an unseen level to Let the World Know Who They Are!


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