Female 48 Kg Division Equalizes Chances for Gold Medal at the European Muaythai Championships 2017

The 48 kilograms division will be a blank canvas for all contenders as last years gold and silver medalists will be spectators of the show. 

The Finnish Muaythai Federation confirmed that long lasting champion and muaythai superstar Tessa Kakkonen will miss the European Championships in Paris, and we will soon find out Tessa’s future plans. 

Nina Shumacher from Germany takes a break to invest in her post-career development and promised to be back for the World Championships in Mexico.

For now, this only means that chances for all contenders are now equal, and another representative from Finland Niina Ruponen will have to try on Tessa’s shoes at the European Championships in Paris which doesn’t mean she will be inferior in her skills as she has had to compete with Tessa every year in the weight division they share. This year Niina has a great chance to show her skills and will be number one in the Finnish team in the 48 kg division. 

The bronze medalist from Spain Sarai Medina will again be coming for the European Championships to show that her true place is among the elite athletes of the world. Sarai is a very experienced athlete with an extensive amateur and professional fight record. Paris will be an amazing place for her to finish her profile with a golden tint form EC.

Lithuanian Reda Stasauskaite will definitely be an interesting athlete to follow in Paris as she spent a very intensive summer camping in Thailand winning two bouts with a knockout. After she was stopped in Minsk by Belarus athlete Liudmila Chyslova Reda and will definitely want to prove to the world it was a courtesy towards the hosts, and she will stand her ground in Paris no matter what.

This weekend Reda will be competing in the Kaunas Muaythai Open in Lithuania. This will be a great chance for her to demonstrate her intentions for Paris. Tune in to the EMF Facebook for the Live broadcast of the finals 

Bonus fact. Sarai Medina beat Reda Stasauskaite in a bout in Spain at what was a very close match. Both girls will have extra motivation if they meet in the ring in Paris. For Sarai to confirm the decision of referees, and for Reda to have her re-match. 

We could write much more on each athlete in this weight division and give many facts and figures but it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times. With that we encourage you to book your flights and rides to Paris and be an eyewitness of this incredible spectacle – European Muaythai Champioships 2017!


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