Female Muaythai Enthusiasts Open the Season in the Netherlands


The Netherlands became the host for an amazing project in cooperation with the German Muaythai Federation where female athletes could pick Muaythai skills under the supervision of the President of the Netherlands Muaythai Federation (Muaythai Organisation Netherlands) Mr. Duran Ebren.


Started in 2016 in Germany by the referee of the German Muaythai Federation Ms. Julia Wicher the project picked up the momentum in Europe and a full female event is planned in Europe as a part of Female Sparring. 


Ms. Wicher said that Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany are firm partners for the project and we are proud to see the growth of the project. We hope that 2019 the project will find its continuation in a form of a competition where all participants will be able to feel the taste of victory. We were truly surprised by the interest of women from various walks of life and what started as a friendly get-together has the potential to result in a full sports event.


Being one of the most active federations for female sports Germany already put itself forward for hosting a female competition with the project concept and the name to be released soon. 



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