Finland Confirms their top Women’s Team

Satu Mykkanen, Riika Jarvenpaa, Anna Rantanen, Gia Winberg, Tessa Kakkonen; these athletes are one of the contenders for the highest awards of the World Championships as each of them know what winning in the top competitions feels like. 


All these athletes have truly made their names in the muaythai world and their presence in one team becomes a statement to take the top team place of the team ranking. 

Satu Mykkanen (45 kg) will be rivaled by one of the most decorated athletes in IFMA Alena Leshkevich (BLR) who has not let anyone throw he off the top for the three consecutive World Championships. 


Tessa Kakkonen is making the come back since 2016 when she shook up the 48 kg division first at the European Championships and later in the Worlds winning gold medals in the both events. The motto of this year World Championships is Muaythai Is Coming Home and for Tessa it will definetely be coming back to muaythai. 


Anna Rantanen (71 kg) makes the Finnish team to take revence from Angela Mamic who was the winner of their duel at the European Championships 2017. This will definitely be a fight to watch!


Riikka Jarvenpaa has a huge experience in various competition and this time in Bangkok Finland will be waiting for Riikka’s rise to the top.  This time Riikaa goes down one weight category from 67 to 63,5 to take another challenge in her career.


Gia Winberg with 62 bouts in various events is one of the most experienced athletes and will be the one to motivate the team to fight for the overall team result.

Finland has always been famous for the top female athletes and the World Championships in Bangkok will see all star roster of the Suomen.



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