Finnish Muaythai Prodigy Grite Org Shows Model’s Style in the Ring


The story of Grite Org reminds a plot of a movie where a fashion model changes her career to build her character and new life throuth combat sports. After her first training session, she becomes hooked on Muaythai spending all her time in the gym. After 8 months of persistent training, Grite wins her first Finnish Championships making the team for World Championships in Mexico. Life cannot change more!

Born in Estonia Org was always an athletic girl practicing dancing, volleyball, football, and it was Muaythai that made her choose her athletic path. Org was pursuing a modeling career but it was a competitive spirit that drove her to a higher challenge. 

At the first training Grite’s coach, Mikko Blom noticed a huge potential in the girl and started to prepare her for her first competition. Mikko said that he could see a future world champion in Grite, and now she will have a chance to prove Mikko's words.

The Finnish championships 2018 was a great chance for Grite to surprised everyone especially her opponents and she did exactly this winning the 54 kg division at the age of 19 as if she was an experienced multiple world champion. Grite herself said that she couldn’t believe it. She had only two wishes before the event – to have a champion’s trophy and a black eye. She only achieved one – gold medal and champion’s belt.

Org was given The Best Female Athlete award of the championships and now she has a record of 6 bouts and 6 victories before her first World Championships.  


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