Five Reasons Why You Should Come and Watch the European Muaythai Championships 2017

European Muaythai Championships in Paris is a great event in itseld combining the excitement of the muaythai bouts and one of the world’s top tourist destinations in the world. Below are five reasons you should visit Halle Georges Carpentier personally and become part of the biggest muaythai event in Europe in 2017.


You will be the first to see future muaythai stars.

The previous muaythai events shwed the world many new names in the muaythai world. The European Championships in France is the first time when many teams give chance to them be leaders of their teams. Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Belarus, Ukraine, and many more give chance to their rising stars prove themselves in Paris. 


Phenomenal Atmosphere

Muaythai is one of the most popular martial arts in France, and you can be sure that Paris is already anticipating arrival of teams, and surely start to cheer for their team at the event. Support for French team has been one of the loudest at all muaythai events, and at their home country they will truly test the sound resistance of the hall. 

The CEO of the Local Organising Committee Ms Nicole Sola shed some light on the opening ceremony which will also be an amazing demonstration of French culture, and muaythai history in France. Ms Sola says that this will be a unique chance for the participants to be part of the European Championships.


Historical Arena

Halle Georges Carpentier is a truly historical arena named after the famous French boxer. Free access to the competition will also be an additional incentive for all Parisians to come and enjoy muaythai in all its beauty. 


The French Dream to become Best Team of the Tournament

France has become one of the leading forces in the European Muaythai bringing big teams to each muaythai event. The home European Championships will be great opportunity to make a history and get the Best Team Award of the tournament. Legendary French athletes like Myriame Djedidi, Juliette Lacroix, Riad Farjallah and many others will lead their team towards this dream.


Visit Paris and spend beautiful time in the French capital

Paris needs no introduction in the world of tourism, and is one of top world destinations. It will be a truly great experience for anyone to visit this beautiful city, spend autumn days in an atmosphere of historical center, and have French bread and coffee. It will be a true blend of sport and tourism for all participants of the European Championships 2017



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