France Brings 9 Gold Medals from the EMF Antalya Open

French team truly showed the spirit and unity in Antalya winning 9 gold medals and taking second team place. 

Such outstanding athletes like Myriame Djedidi who is two times European Champion led her teammates into the battle together with Juliette Lacroix, and Anaelle Angerville, all three being ranked as top IFMA athletes decorated with medals from European and World Championships. It was a special event for Juliette Lacroix as she had to defend her victory over her rival at the World Championships in Poland Gabriela Kuzawinska and made the score 2-0 in an extremely close fight against the Pole. It has been a truly amazing fight giving the audience unforgettable emotions. 

Aurore Dos Santos who tried the French national tracksuit for the first time proved that she can join the French elite winning her first gold medal in Antalya. Next year Aurore can count to make the team in her 54 kg division and challenge the world best athletes in Thailand.

Another French Polish rivalry finished with the French triumph when Nora Cornolle met with a talented Emilia Krupczak. For the EMF Antalya Open Nora moved one weight division up from 60 kg to 63.5 kg “stealing” a possible amazing fight against the Israeli Nili Block.  

Bevan Oguz and Quentin Alhamdou proved themselves in Antalya making a statement for the head coach of the French team in his choice of the national team in 2019. Bevan had to compete against German and Iranian athletes making his contribution to the medallist of his team.

Special attention should be given to the French youth which was inspired by competing alongside their world-class teammates, and for Idir Abdelkarim, Rabah Benhagouga, and Kais Laurent. For Kais it was the last year in the status of junior and next year IFMA events will see him entering the Elite 91+ division.

France again showed why they are on the top of the European Muaythai hierarchy with outstanding Elite and growing youth ready to step in the ring and compete for the highest awards. Hosting the outstanding European Championships in Paris was the best evidence of the French dominance in Europe in the sport.



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