German Schools Open Doors for Muaythai Grassroot Development 

The German School Gustav-Heinemann joined a project organized by the German Muaythai Federation, and its President Detlef Tuernau which aim is to raise awareness on the benefits of healthy lifestyle and doing sports. 

The project found support from different governmental and non-governmental organisations which saw that sport can make a positive change in society if applied. 

German muaythai has been one of the founding members in Europe, and their athletes have a deep history in competing at events of all levels. Today they pass the skills and knowledge to the younger generation and teach them how they can use muaythai for fitness, cultural art form, competition, and making new friends around the world.

The campaign also benefited refugee youth who discovered Germany and needed to establish their lives. Sport helped them to socialize and find friends among their peers.

The President of the German Muaythai Federation Mr. Detlef Tuernay said that when you see youth training together, having fun, and finding friends across cultures you understand that your efforts were not in vain, and that’s what makes muaythai unique.



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