Golden Age of the Hungarian Muaythai

The Hungarian National Team could be compared to the athletic wonder of the Muaythai World jumping to the highest step of the awarding podium within two years. 

Their slogan – Let the World Know Who We Are truly proves to have grounds as the names of the Hungarian athletes become an equivalent to the event favourite and for the opponents, it is a bad luck to have Hungary in the draw.

The World Championships 2018 in Cancun, Mexico was the event where Norbert Speth became famous reaching the final of the event. Norbert won the silver medal which was worth gold as he left such names like Serhii Kulyaba (UKR), Furkan Semih Karabag (TUR), and Ricardo Cruz (MEX). That was the moment when Hungary showed their presence among the Elite Muaythai.

The achievement of the Hungarian team made a true sensation in Budapest where athletes and officials were given a warm reception in the airport by the fans, were guests of TV shows and got memorable awards. The Secretary-General of the Hungarian Muaythai Federation, Mr. Laszlo Szabo said that now Hungary is ready to be the host of the European Muaythai Championships 2020 after Spain won the bid for 2019 edition. 

European Championships 2018 in Prague was a triumphant event where they came above Belarus, Finland and the host of the event the Czech Republic in the medal standings. Three gold medals and the first champion’s title for Norbert Speth again leaving the powerhouses of the world Muaythai, Russia, Ukraine and France behind. Two more golds were secured in 16-17 years’ division which will strengthen the Elite team next year.

“Let the World Know Who We Are” chanted the Hungarian spectators and the team Hungary made it clear that they will claim their spots on the podium at each following event. 



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