Great IFMA Debut for Volodymyr Baryshev

The newcomer of the Ukrainiean team Volodymyr Baryshev got invitation from the Ukrainian Head Coach and this stake played well as Volodymyr made it all the way to the final where he met the Best Athlete of the Championships and Lumpini Champion Jimmy Vienot. Just stepping in the ring aginst Jimmy was an achievement enough for the young Ukrainian.

Volodymir demonstrated an enormous power of will having a 5 bout streak in Bangkok. He turned the outcome of the second leg and quarterfinal  to his favour losing first round of both bouts having little prospects for a victory, but again the spirit of the young fighter made him come back and get his hand raised. 

Baryshev can truly be regarded as the opening if not the championships but of the Ukrainian team. The national competition in 75 kg will be even more interesting to follow now.



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