Hungary and Italy Bid for the European Championships 2020

At the recent European Championships in Prague, two countries expressed their intent to host the European Championships 2019 after Spain was announced the host of next year’s event. 


The Secretary-General of the Hungarian Muaythai Federation Mr. Laszlo Szabo said that Muaythai sees its boost in Hungary with the number of medals brought back by the Hungarian team could not slip attention of sponsors and government in Budapest. 

Mr. Laszlo said that he looks very positive in the year 2020 and already has an interest from the Hungarian governmental bodies to host the European Championships in Budapest.


Italy which just had a historical unification would like to demonstrate that together they can achieve more expressed their interest to be a host of the European Championships 2020 no other than in the capital Rome. 

The President of the Italian Muaythai Federation – FIKBMS Mr. Donato Milano said that Muaythai is one of the most popular martial arts in Italy and as a fully recognised sport in Italy Muaythai will have the highest appeal from both spectators and the leaders of sports authorities in Italy.


The European Muaythai Federation will have to decide after the evaluation process and the announcement of the host will be made in Marbella as Spain is already preparing for the European Muaythai Championships 2019.



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