Joint meeting: UNAIDS, EMF President, and Muaythai Athletes

After Gennady Trukhanov, EMF President and the Mayor of Odessa signed the Paris Declaration on AIDS Prevention a joint meeting between Muaythai athletes, Director of the UN Programme on AIDS in Ukraine and Representatives of UNICEF took place in the headquarters of the Ukrainian Muaythai Federation.


At all muaythai events special attention is given to athletes’ safety and a medical check-up for HIV is a mandatory part of each competition. Rising awareness on AIDS is a crucial point in dealing with this problem, and signing the Paris Declaration by the EMF President is another step towards AIDS prevention not only at muaythai events but in the everyday life of each athlete. 


The meeting was held in a very friendly atmosphere, and the honourable guests received a lot of positive emotions and memorable presents from the EMF President. 



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