Last Year Rivals Will Face Each Other in Paris at EC2017

Medalists of the European Championships in Split Svetlana Vinnikova from Russia, Erica Bjornestrand from Sweden, and Aleksandra Sitnikova from Belarus are booked to travel to Paris. It will be Svetlana who will be under pressure of defending her gold medal from last year, and a great challenge for Erica and Aleksandra to throw Svetlana from the Champion’s throne. 

For both contenders it will be a tough task as Svetlana is in excellent shape winning every possible event this year; she became number one at The World Games in Poland winning world class athlete Nili Block from Israel. At the World Championships in Minsk Svetlana won a celebrity of Peruvian muaythai Antonina Shevchenko, and in the final it was Erica Bjornestrand who couldn’t stop Svetlana on her way to the highest step of the podium. 

It will be an amazing chance for all to watch Erica and Svetlana meet up again in France. A rivalry with history, and a new challenge for Erica. 

Aleksandra Sitnikova would definitely also want to use her chance in Paris, as she had to miss the home World Championships in Minsk. Aleksandra will be the one to fight for her pride and right to be among the Europe’s best.

The muaythai expert from Russia Julia Korkina said that the fight between Svetlana and Erica is one of the most anticipated events in Russia as both girls have amazing technique and will truly add to the spectatorship appeal in Paris.



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