Latvia Announce European Clubs Cup

It became a good tradition for European Clubs to gather in the beautiful citiy of Liepaja, Latvia for regular event organized by the Latvian Muaythai Federation. The event is held in honour of one of the most outstanding athletes and referees Dmtriy Vorobyov who was a true pillar of muaythai in Latvia.

The President of the Latvian Muaythai Federation Vasiliy Fleisher said that the event is gaining popularity among the European muaythai cubs which send their athletes to compete and gain experience in an international environment. Many renowned names from Russia, Belarus, Lithuania also honour the event with their presence to support the positive momentum of the muaythai movement in Latvia.

This year the city of Liepaja will open its doors on 18 August to let athletes prove that for the following edition of the World Games they are strong contenders for the trip to the USA.



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