Male 51 kg Stick to the Race for Medals at the European Muaythai Championships 2017

Male 51 kg division has always been an exciting sight for those who like action in the ring with abundance of technical skills and acrobatic moves. 

This year Egor Ishchuk from Russia will again run for the second consecutive gold medal of the European Muaythai Championships after becoming the best in Split. Egor stopped competing at an early stage at the World Championships in Minsk, and he will definitely want to compensate for it in Paris.

The Runner up of the European Championships in Split, Zubeyir Barin from Turkey became a true celebrity at home after a triumphant 2nd place at the World Championships in Minsk leaving another Russian Rustam Bulanov and Iranian Sardarian Morteze only enjoy bronze. His fame will push him forward in Paris to let him again enjoy the laurels of the victory and celebrity status at home.

It will be a double motivation for Egor to take revenge for his countryman, and for Zubeyir to take his progress to the European Championships and finally win his first gold medal at IFMA event.

Bronze medalist of the last European Championships Dmitry Uzvarau from Belarus and Giang Hoang will definitely want to prove themselves in France and show a good fight in Paris. 

51 kg division will be a full of great technical sight, and a true challenge for photographers who will need to tune their shutter speed to the maximum to catch these moves.



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