Mikko Blom is the New President of Finnish Muaythai Federation

Mikko Blom has been elected as a new President of the Finnish Muaythai Federation replacing Antti Naakka on the post.


The Finnish Muaythai is one of the strongest in Europe with female athletes dominating in the EMF and IFMA events. Such athletes as Gia Winberg, Satu Mykkanen, Riikka  Järvenpää and many have gained Finland a name of Muaythai country. 


Finnish Muaythai Federation became fully recognised by the National Olympic Committee and the former President Antti Naakka made this historical achievement to let the successors keep moving Muaythai to the Olympic dreams.


Mikko Blom is a person who puts youth as the main priority and soon a new generation of athletes will join the Finnish superstars at the international Muaythai events.



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