Monika Chochlikova Takes It All at Her First European Championships


Monika Chochlikova became one of the sensations of the European Championships 2018 in Prague winning a gold medal at her debut at IFMA European Championships.

Few people would expect a slim girl to give a true spectacle of Muaythai outcompeting two athletes from top 5 counties in the world: Ukraine and Russia in the quarter and semi-final.

The final bout was a true test for Monika with a famous Juliette Lacroix and surprisingly Juliette couldn’t use any of her 8 weapons which could let her win at least one round. Eventually, Monika became the winner of the bout and European Champion. 

It was the first time that Slovakian anthem sounded at the awarding ceremony and it looks like the young Slovakian athlete is determined to let it play many times more in future. 

With 3 victories and 0 losses, Monika has 100% result in her Muaythai career and EMF will follow her at the upcoming Muaythai events to see the rise of another name at the Elite Muaythai level.

Photo Credit: Bartáková Lenka


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