Muaythai for Every Body: Ukraine

Ukrainian Muaythai Federation has truly established itself as the home to many world champion’s. The training methods of the coaching corps of the Ukrainian Muaythai Federation are closely watched to find out the secrets of success of so many Ukrainian athletes.

Yesterday the Head Coach of the Ukrainian Muaythai Fedeation Pavel Yevtushenko showed what it takes to be the best and grow the best. The full dedication and love to muaythai was shown at the open training in Odessa where kids with different abilities put on gloves to become physically and spiritually stronger at the muaythai session with the Ukrainian champions guiding the youth through the world of martial arts.

Mr. Yevtushenko said that it was a first try to bring people with different abilities to muaythai and he is proud to see how much fun the kids have training together with the world’s best athletes. The initiative dfeinitely have huge potential and discussions are on the way to organise a regular muaythai workout sessions to share muaythai with anyone willing to try sports.



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