Muaythai is on the Agenda at Bayern Sports Authority Meeting

The German Muaythai Federation participated at the Bayern Sport Authority Meeting where the President Detlef Tuernau made a presentation on the latest achievements of German muaythai and German athletes. 


One of the most notable events this year was for Jakob Styben to receive the bronze medal for at the World Championships in Minsk. Jakob has truly demonstrated sporting spirit and will for victory, and was very close to being on the top of the medalist podium.


Detlef Tuernau said that I am happy to see muaythai entering the elite circles of sport in Germany, and even though there is still a lot to be done we are definitely on the right track. Our Muaythai Against Drugs campaign spread around Germany and most importantly gained popularity among the youth.


Germany is also making waves in elite muaythai around the world, and Europe is looking forward to seeing German kids at the Youth World Championships in Bangkok.



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