Muaythai Mamas from Ukraine

An amazing initiative was taken in Ukraine where Natalia Kogan, the famous international referee, who organised common training with athletes and their moms as part of building bonds between parents and children.


It is a truly amazing project showing what huge role parents play in the success of their children who strive for excellence in sport.

Natalia Kogan said that she has always had this idea and she is happy to finally bring it to life. As a mother, she understands that sometimes parents have to do as much as their children on their way to become a champion and parents can truly share the awarding podium with their children. It is amazing to see a family in love with Muaythai.

With female Muaythai gaining popularity in the world inviting moms of the current European and World championships was a logical step, and the training turned out to be a truly fun experience where champions’ mothers could kick and punch pads held by their kids, see their everyday routine of and become a part of their athletes life. 

Doubtless, this project has to find its continuation in all Ukrainian gyms and go around in the rest of EMF member federations.




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