Sofia Olofsson Is Nominated for Prestigious Award

Sofia Olofsson is a true icon in the muaythai world. Her appearance always makes Swede look strong and for all women who step in the ring she is a model of a champion. Sofia won multiple awards and was guests of multiple sports events as a . Winning the IWGA Athlete of the Year award she was a celebrity of the regular IFMA Good Morning event at the SportAccord Convention in Denmark.

Last month Sofia was put forward for the one of the most prestigious awards Jerry Award. She is only the second martial artist to be nominated after Tidblad Keskikangas.

So many outstanding personalities in the world of martial arts supported the nomination and expressed their support at the a reputable Swedish publication about martial arts. 

Joakim Borgudd, martial arts writer and a long-standing juror in the Martial Arts Hall 

My spontaneous reaction is wow! Extremely well deserved. Sofia Olofsson is really an extraordinary athlete. The symbolic value of martial arts taking place in sports finals in this way should also not be underestimated. We who follow Thai boxing and other martial arts know the achievements required to compete in the absolute top and I really hope that this will make more Swedes up to date.

Sanny Dahlbeck, Muaythai Champion

Jerry Award is among the finest sports you can win, so I'm very happy for her and she deserves the prize! It's a big step for Swedish Thai boxing, there is no Swedish Thai boxer who has dominated as much as Sofia has done in recent years.

Lena Olsson, co-ordinator of the Swedish National Muaythai team

My first thought was "Of course!" To me it is obvious that Sofia will be nominated for the prize prize. We have previously had Isa Tidblad Keskikangas nominated and then it was a bit of a surprise that a martial artist, and also a woman, was nominated. Now it was rather a surprise that only a Thai boxer is nominated.

Sofia herself said that she still has many challenges ahead and would like to try her skills in the higher weight divisions which will be an amazing performance for all muathai followers.

Sofia said that being nominated for such an award means that you truly succeeded in some way, and she couldn’t stop a tear in her eyes. Winning such an award would be historic for her and muaythai, as this sport is so popular in Sweden.

Muaythai world will hold its breath until the 20 December when the winner will be announced. Anyone can support Sofia and vote for her at the



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