Natalia Kogan – 15 years in the Ring

Natalia Kogan is one of the most experienced technical officials of the modern Muaythai and she is definitely a role model for the young technical official in their way to be the third player in the ring. 

Natalia’s way to the top of the Muaythai started with attending training of her sons and that was a love from the first sight. 

Natalia spent six years training Muaythai with her coach, no other than, Pavel Yevtushenko. Later on, she transitioned to the coaching work and eventually chose to officiate in the ring.

Natalya says that her mission in the ring is to ensure health and safety of athletes at the same time not to be on the way of athletes performance and let them demonstrate all the beauty of Muaythai. She was trying to watch the best referees of that time, learned from them, followed their work in the ring. 

World Championships 2003 was the first time when Natalia stepped in the ring at the international level and this year it’s 15 years of her international career. 

Entire EMF team congratulates Natalia and wishes her to keep being a role model for so many young referees which look up to her on their way to making an IFMA International Official.



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