Nili Block Will Lead Team Israel for Medals in Korea

The 2019 Chungju World Martial Arts Masterships is the the "international martial arts mega event" with the Korean government approval as an international sports event. It’s a multisports events including 20 sports with muaythai making its appearance there as one of the official sports.


With World Championships just finished in Bangkok many European teams switched their preparation process for the Korean event to experience the highest standards of the multisports games and gain the maximum number of qualification ponts for the World Games 2021 in Birmingham.


One of the most outstanding IFMA athletes Nili Block is joining the team bringing the level of the muaythai competition in the 2019 World Martial Arts Masterships to the top level as their elite athletes join the team led by one of the current world champion Nili Block who has a flawless IFMA record winning gold at each event she participated.

Not losing a single fight since 2016 it will be another event to follow her winning streak and for the rivals in her division a chance to overthrow Nili from the 60 kg divison throne. 

Tune in for the event and be the first to see results at ifmalive.com



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