Ordinary Hero: Julia Korkina – Shows Russian Muaythai in Details


If there is a person who knows Muaythai in Russia that would be Ms. Julia Korkina. The person behind media, communication, team registration and more Julia is a true fighter behind the ring, training hard to keep her mind sharp for anything connected with the Team Russia at the international events. 


If there was a competition on passion towards the sport Julia would be a multiple world champion as the dedication she shows to Muaythai goes beyond the champions’ ambissions.  She would remember every victory of the Russian team which make hundreds of names over many years. A source of bottomless media of Russian team, person to know all information, 24h contact and much more Julia is a true asset for the Russian team and IFMA. 



Being with the team since many years Julia might be one of the secrets of the success of the Russian team making her a true asset to Russian Muaythai Federation and international governing body IFMA.



Interesting fact: Julia Korkina was born on the same day as the President of the Russian Muaythai Federation Mr. Dmitry Putilin.



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