Ordinary Hero: Lena Olsson – an Important Pillar of Swedish Muaythai

Lena Olsson is definitely one of the most valuable members of Team Sweden is a person who doesn’t step in the ring but her efforts can be easily compared with Muaythai champions. If there were medals for the amount of work and achievement made outside of the field of play Lena would be a multiple world champion for her contribution in one of the strongest Muaythai teams in the world - Sweden.

It is hard to imagine the Swedish team without Lena who would keep the Swedish Muaythai Machine run like clockwork from registering the team for events to delivering the team back home with all the accolades they would have after championships. There would be arrivals, accommodation, weigh-in control and doping tests, team meetings…, and the list can go endlessly of what would be in Lena’s sphere of responsibility. 

Lena Olsson is a true model of the team manager and an important part of the daily operation of Swedish Muaythai.



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