Polish Champions Support Muaythai and UNESCO cooperation

World Muaythai Champion Rafal Simonides arrived at Thailand with his eyes set on fostering cooperation between UNESCO and Muaythai. 

Rafal, well known as the muaythai social campaigns amabassador in Poland, made use of the experience he gained there to show kids the true benefits of sport. 

During his meeting at one of Thai schools he told kids about his career in muauthai, how he is preparing the national Polish team in his present role of the national coach, and the preparation for the World Games which will take place in his motherland Poland. His story truly inspired kids to pursue their dreams no matter if in sport or other activities as having passion in any activity is one of the keys to success in life.

The meeting finished with a bright demonstration of muay boran techniques which left kids truly impressed how a foreigner can be so advanced in Thai ancient cultural and athletic elements. 

Rafal said that he is always happy to meet kids and use his life experience to show what muaythai can give to them. The cooperation with UNESCO is such a powerful tool for muaythai to reach the youth in any part of the world and use sport to make this world a better place.

Local newspapers could not miss the opportunity to highlight the event and Rafal said that he hopes to welcome kids in Poland for a cultural exchange and making friends across continents

It was a true moments of happiness for Rafal and the youth building strong bond of friendship and warm memories which will travel thousand kilometres away from Thai to Polish capital.




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