Polish Muaythai Champions Meet the Youth in England

Rafal Simonides the former IFMA and EMF Champion, and the head coach of the national Polish team was invited to the Radio show in England where he spoke about the upcoming World Games which will take place in his motherland, how the country prepares for this event and overall movement in muaythai in Europe. 


Rafal is famous all around Europe as an advocate for muaythai as a sport for all abilities, ages, cultures and genders. His visit to England traditionally included meeting the youth with special needs and making a short training course for them which gave kids many positive emotions. 


After the training Rafal answered kids questions on his way towards becoming the world champion, his daily routine as a coach, and so many kids were inspired to be the best they can be in life. 


Rafal said that he is happy to show people what power sport can be for anyone; how it can build your character and will power, and muaythai is probably the best example on this score. 



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