Polish Young Up and Coming Are to Rock the Elite

Poland is at the stage of the generation change when the country’s leaders moved in life and the new names make their way to the top of the IFME Elite. 


Martyna Kierczynska and Nikola Blakala are the future of the Polish Muaythai which in one year are transitioning to Elite division and are going to compete for the Polish flag against the world strongest athletes.


EMF is making a projection for these athletes who will face the Muaythai champions of the present time.


Nikola Blakala is the promising athlete in the 67 kg in the Polish team who is the hope for the Polish Muaythai Federation. The head coach of the Polish team Rafal Simonides will definitely count on her next year at her last youth to prepare the young talent for transitioning to the Elite level where she will have such rivals as Riikka Järvenpää who also represented her country at the EMF Antalya Cup and had an opportunity to see her soon-to-be rival. The current world champion from Russia Anastasiia Nepianidi is another figure in the female Muaythai in 67 kg reigning the division for many times. There are many other outstanding athletes in 67 kg like Zoe Putorak from Austalia, Bediha Tacyildiz from Turkey who will definitely make Nikola disclose all her potential if she plans to make a mark in this division.

Martyna Kierczynska who already can boast silver medal in her 57 kg has one more year to get ready for her transitioning to the elite. Martyna made a jaw-dropping achievement winning her Thai rival Kanoknan Thawikhun at the Youth World Championships. For the final bout, Martyna faced Tierra Brandt from the USA and it was the American athlete who won the gold medal. Martyna will have the last chance become the youth world champion in 2019.

Laura Nowinska is another athlete worth paying attention. The bronze medalist of the 2018 World Championships celebrates her birthday on 3rd July and gets on board of the Elite division of the World Championships in Bangkok together with her rival Joana Alves from Portugal.  Alena Leshkevich from Belarus who reigns female Muaythai in 45 kg will be a no walk in the park in the park for anyone who will face her. Satu Mykkanen who was in Antalya could closely.


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