Emotional Finnish Championship 2018

Another chapter in the Finnish Muaythai history was written in North Karelia, Joensuu where athletes from all over Finland arrived to compete for the right to represent their country at the World Championships in Mexico. It was an event full of exciting and dramatic moments, all what sport is so loved for. 

Kari Viinikainen from Porvoo Thaiboxing Club took a new challenge getting to a lower weight division of 60 kg shaking up the category with his amazing performance. It was an exciting final against Lasse Jarvinen from Helsinki Thaiboxing Club where Kari was stronger and won his seventh gold medal. Kari is now the most decorated Muaythai athlete in Finland.

Another model for determination and hard work was demonstrated by Jussi Pirttikangas from Kobra Kai Kemi who has been coming to his moment of glory for fifteen years and 2018 will stay in his memory as the year when all his efforts and work came at one point – highest step of the podium and gold medal of the Finnish Championships.

Another new name was announced as the gold medalist after Vihtori Lind became the best in 63.5 kg after Kari Viinikainen moved to the lower weight.

The young and inexperienced Grite Org made a sensational performance by striking the first attempt to become a Finnish champion. On her way to the gold, she won two accomplished athletes who were part of the national team. Org's winning style, iron fitness, and strengths were the keys to victory that others could not stop. Org was rightfully chosen as the best female fighter of the Finnish Championship.

Johannes Puranen from Porvoo Thaiboxing Club won a bronze medal in the Finnish championship.He was awarded a special prize for the exemplary promotion of a good sports spirit. 

Ossi Kokkoniemi from Lahti Thaiboxing Club was chosen as the best male fighter of the Finnish Championship. Kokkoniemi many-sited technique and a good "game eye" secured him a Finnish Championship after two matches.

Several new clubs reached the medalists and it is important for the development of the sport in Finland. The Helsinki Thaiboxing Club was chosen as the best team in the competition after an extremely tight competition.

Names of new Finnish Champions are below:


-48 kg Satu Mykkänen, Helsinki Thaiboxing Club

-51 kg Lotta Loikkanen, Karkkilan Sisu Thaiboxing Club

-54 kg Grite Org, Crest - Fighting Professional Center

-57 kg Riina Sipovaara, Helsinki Thaiboxing Club

-60 kg Gia Winberg, Espoon Kehähait

-63,5 kg Miina Sirkeoja, Chitalada Finland

-60 kg Kari Viinikainen, Porvoo Thaiboxing Club

-63,5 kg Vihtori Lind Lahti Thaiboxing Club

-67 kg Pok Jääskeläinen, Combat Academy of Finland

-71 kg Ossi Kokkoniemi, Lahti Thaiboxing Club

-75 kg Volodymyr Holubiev, Turku Muay Thai

-81 kg Simo Ukkonen, Kotka Thaiboxing Club

-91 kg Jussi Pirttikangas, Kobra Kai Kemi

+91 kg, Daniel Forsberg, Turku Muay Thai


Photo courtesy: Marko Pennanen


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