Sergey Kulyaba is Awarded Ukraine's Best Athlete 2017

Multiple European and World Champion Sergey Kulyaba was awarded with an important award Best Athete of Ukraine 2017. 

Sergey Kulyaba is famous in Ukrainian Martial Arts Movement for his extraordinary achievements in muaythai. 2017 has been a special year in Sergey's career when he became the best athlete of the World Games 2017 in Poland and attracted attention of the biggest muaythai promotions. Invitation for a bout against Thai superstar Buakaw followed shortly, and for Sergey it was another challenge to compete against the greatest muaythai athlete of all times in the heart of Thailand. Sergey showed amazing skills and wasn't scared by the intimdating wai kru of Thai master. The head coach Pavel Yevtushenko who personally seconded Sergey was very skillful in catching and breaking the Buakaw's arrows. 

Sergey had amazing support with Ukrainian Ambassador arriving to the venue to support Ukrainian champion. It was a great match and even though Sergey lost to Buakaw on points he wasn't weaker. The rematch should follow. 

EMF wishes Sergey continuation of his amazing career and for muaythai audience all around the world to show many more amazing bouts!


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