Simon Ogolla Hangs Up His Gloves


One of the notable team members in Sweden in +91 kg division Simon Ogolla finished his career transitioning to the coaching job within the Swedish national team. He will try a new experience of being at the other side of the ring during a competition in Bangkok.

Muaythai follwers will remember the rivalry of Simon with Ukrainian Tsotne Rogava which shook the ring with their powerful kicks.

Simon can be proud of having medals from various IFMA awards like bronze medal at his home World Championships 2016, and 2017 in Minsk. Simon is also the holder of the WMC European title and Swedish champion title. 

Simon is taking a new role of the Swedish national coach to share his experience with young athletes and help current champions stay on top of the world muaythai.

Photo Credit: Artur Mazur


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