Slovenian Muaythai League Steps Up the Game before Bangkok


The muaythai capital of Slovenia the city of Novo Mesto again gathered the best Slovenian athletes for the dress rehearsal before their trip to Bangkok for the World Championships. 

Muaythai communities from Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro were invited to let the athletes compete Slovenian champions before their trip to fight for the world’s gold. Slovenian talents like Nastasja Koca who is the finishing her youth career and from 2020 will represent Slovenia in the Elite division. It was NAstasja who was awarded with the Best Female Athlete of the event while Saso Vorkapic got awarded with Best Male. The Croatian Spartan Gym became an overall winner of the event getting the Best Gym Award. 

The Presdient of the Slovenian Muaythai Federation Mr. Iztok Vorkapic said that he is proud to see so many young athletes making their way to the ring and it would not be possible without the help of people who see muaythai as a means to give athletes opportunity to reveal their potential. We would like to thank to local community of Stopiče for coorporating at high level with our federation and making this event happen. We are planning a bigger event in December this year, where the best fighters from Slovenia will compete at professional rules forchampions of SMTL league. A big thanks shoud go to sponsors and donors who made this event happen: KOBE INŽENIRING d.o.o., MOBA d.o.o., ARISTOTEL ZDRAVSTVENI CENTER d.o.o, LGZD z.b.o., ŠPES d.o.o., Avtohiša Berus d.o.o.o, DANA d.o.o., MRT d.o.o., PRIDE, Gostišče LOKA d.o.o. and SPC KREVS d.o.o. .

Also special thanks goes to all volunteers, president of local community of Stopiče Mr. Janez Murn and Gladiator Gym for loaning the ring.

Next year the Slovenian Muaythai League will take another dimension encompassing the Adriatic muaythai under the IFMA flag. 



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