Sport Is Your Gang Breaks Records in the Czech Republic

Muaythai in Czech is one of the most popular martial arts, the sport itself was recognized by the Czech NOC and muaythai is a part of many multisports events in Czech, cultural events and martial arts festivals. 


Youth is the main focus for the Czech muaythai and this week a record amount of kids training at the same time as part of the Sport Is Your Gang project. One of the keys to this success was cooperation with children’s establishment Duchcov which actively engaged in the organization of the event called “Nationwide Public Training of Children and youth of C.M.T.A


The Czech Muaythai Federation President Mr. Petr Ottich said that 111 young athletes took part in the training which is an absolute record. The elbows and knees flew in the air when the numbers were announced, and everyone celebrated the power of sport to unite people around the world.


C.M.T.A thanks to all the kids and many more events are planned to continue this positive momentum of attracting kids to sport.



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