The Spanish King Awards Muaythai Champion


A big reception took place in Spain organised by the Royal House for the outstanding Spanish athletes with Muaythai making the list after a great result at the European Championships 2018 in Prague. 

 The King of Spain Felipe VI was giving the reception attended by the preceding King Don Juan Carlos and Queen Dona Sofia and Princess Elena. 

Kevin Martinez who is the silver medalist of the 2017 World Gaes and silver medal at the European Championships 2018 in Prague.

Special guests of the reception were the President of the International World Games Association Mr. Jose Perurena, Minister of Culture and Sport Mr. Jose Guirao, President of the Sports Council of Spain Ms Maria Jose Rienda, President of the Spanish Olympic Committee Alejandro Blanco, President of the Paralympic Committee of Spain Mr Miguel Carballeda and many outstanding athletes and sports officials. 

The President of the Spanish Muaythai Federation Mr Jesus Eguia said that he is proud of Kevin’s achievements and that Muaythai gains popularity in Spain thanks to such outstanding athletes. Kevin has always been a role model in the field of play and outside it and the award from the His Majesty the King of Spain is a truly deserved result of his performance. 

IFMA is truly proud about the award as it highlights Muaythai in Spain and around the world, achievements of the sport and a right direction Muaythai is moving in the Olympic family. 




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