UKMF Puts on a Fantastic Event in Leeds

Barnsley Metrodome was the unique and impressive venue for the UKMF Open North Region held in cooperation of the Bad Company gym under the leadership of Richard Smith and Lisa Houghton Smith and United Kingdom Muaythai Federation, where British senior and youth athletes competed for gold to bring fame and victory to their gyms. 


108 fights, two rings, and over 50 gyms made this event one of a kind for the organisers who made European heads turn towards the UK medalists of this years Youth World Championships. These athletes made a lot of noise in Bangkok when they stepped into the ring and are remembered for their spirit, unity and success. 


For some athletes, this event was to be their last opportunity to compete in their prospective youth divisions. In 2019 many will make the transition into the Elite category and compete against the strongest athletes in the world.


The event aimed to develop the grass-root sport and let novice Muaythai practitioners make their first appearance on the United Kingdom Muaythai map. Many young yet experienced athletes also took part in the UKMF Open which allowed the audience to follow the results and receive live updates supporting the British Muaythai stars of the Youth World Championships. 


Next up is the National British Muaythai Championships on the 9th February 2019. In these days, names of the national team which will stand for the British flag at IFMA competitions in 2019 will be revealed.


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