Ukraine Holds its First University Muaythai Championships

The Ukrainian Youth Championships was an outstanding event which included the first Muaythai competition for University students.


Around 50 students from 14 regions of Ukraine arrived to the city of Odessa, the true capital of Ukrainian muaythai. The event had a strong support from the President of the Ukrainian and European Muaythai Federation Gennadiy Trukhanov, but even stronger support was given by the spectators which filled the stadium on the beautiful summer days in Odessa.


The youth division was presented by an impressive 350 athletes from all over Ukraine who competed for the right to go to Bangkok for the Youth World Championships.


Mr. Trukhanov said that after muaythai was recognised by the International Federation for University Sport (FISU) muaythai received another audience, and opportunity to make a special event for students. With the FISU World Championships held in 2018 we are proud to say that Ukraine will also be presented well. 



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