Weekend of Finals for European Muaythai

Two continental muaythai event took place yesterday with overall number of more than 500 participants. Antalya was hosting the EMF Cup and the Latvian Capital Riga was hosting the European Clubs Cup. Both events gathered a record number of participants, and both gave great results. 

Antalya was hosting an amazing EMF Cup with so many participants from 19 countries sending their teams. The third ring was set up to accommodate all athletes within the time schedule. 

It was a truly exciting final day with bouts worth finals of any event. So many young athletes made a point for their mentors, and for the following championships under IFMA it will be truly difficult for team officials of European countries to pick the best who will go to Prague for the European Championships 2018. National Championships for Ukraine, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Moldova, Greece will truly be a great spectacle for TV Viewers and for contenders for gold medal will be able to learn secret to success in Antalya. 

Happy teams are coming back to their homes to celebrate their performance at the EMF Antalya Cup. 

Among notable achievement was again team Moldova with 4 gold medals in their collection. It’s an outstanding confirmation of their success at the youth world championships. Moldovan team has one of the most promising youth in Europe and soon they will shine among the elite divisions under IFMA flag.

Andrey Grosu (Coach Moldova team) and Duca Igor - gold medal winner of EMF Antalya Cup


Israeli team made their coaches proud again with their willpower in bouts against such strong athletes 

Greek youth was shining in the ring with victories for their country showing that in muaythai age is only a number with Katsigiannes Stylianos celebrating his 39th birthday with a bronze medal. Greek female athletes showed that muaythai in Greece is at the top level for all divisions with gold medal of Georgia Sgourou.

Muaythai is growing in great speed, and having a packed calendar in 2017 muaythai athletes again were in full spirit competing in Antalya and Riga.



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